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Electric HT Plastic 25Nm


CE approved.

25Nm plastic shell electric actuators, assembled with plastic ball / butterfly valve, it's small and light, normally used for water treatment, air conditioning and environmental protection system.
Endurance test result: 20,000 cycles


Performance Specification

Model Standard Time/Torque Optional time/Torque Maximum rotation angle range Power Type Power Optional valve
Ball valve≤PN1.6MPa Butterfly valve≤PN1.0MPa
HT-03 10S/25Nm   0-360°adjustable AC220 30W DN15-DN40
 Plastic valve
Plastic valve

Performance Characteristics

Shell Shell is made by aluminum alloy, with anodic oxidation treatment and polyester powder coating. It is strong corrosion-resistant.
Sealing Well sealing performance. Enclosure rating is optional from IP65 to IP68. All the products with IP68 standard do 2kg air-tightness test before out of the factory.
Motor Fully enclosed squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, small size and inertia force, but with large torque, F-class insulation rating, with thermal protection to avoid damaging. Low noise (max. 50 dB).
Servo Controller It is on our own R&D. Under broken signal status, we have maintain/open/close optional function.
Gear Gear driving unit is made of alloy steel with heat treatment which has high strength, excellent wear resistance and long term fatigue load impact.
Indicator Concise design clearly shows the valve opening angle. PC plastic with a transparent high-strength thread lock, which can against water and ultraviolet ray.
Limit switch Mechanical, electronic double limit with double insurance. Mechanical limit stopper is stainless steel and placed outside to facilitate the adjustment; electronic limit switch is controlled by cam. Set position accurately and conveniently.
Self-locking Accurate worm and worm gear transfer large torque efficiently, high efficiency, long life, with self-locking, prevent inversion, as stable and reliable transmission parts, no need to refuel.
Circuit Controlling circuit meets the single-phase or three-phase power supply standard, circuit layout is reasonable and compact, and terminals meet various additional functional requirements effectively. Except normal type, we have DC control circuit with our own R&D.
Manual Structure The crank type handle can be directly driven into the mouth that manually operating valves. Remove the handle when not in use, can be stored separately.
Anti-off bolt Each cover is fixed to the box through the stainless steel bolts, and when removing cover, the bolts are not lost.
Phase Sequence Intelligent actuator can check and test the phase sequence for 3 phase power supply automatically, users don’t need to consider about the phase sequence.

Technical Specification

Shell Plastic, Enclosure:IP65
Motor Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor
Limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
Auxiliary limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
Mechanical limit 2 x external adjustable stopper
Electric Conduit G1/2’’ waterproof cable connector
Ambient temperature -30℃--+60℃
Lubrication Grease moly(EP type)
Anti-vibration X Y Z 10g,0.2~34 Hz,30 minutes


Drawing for HT-03

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