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Electric Actuator HB 80Nm-8000Nm

HB series electric actuator, is combined by motor and gear box, which is mainly used in valve automation systems through providing output torque to control butterfly valve, ball valve, damper and other kinds of valves. Use Non clutch type hand wheel to operate valve manually; open/close valve by signal from intelligent control unit; internal integrative local control function all provide convenience for actuator operation.


1. Power: AC220/380V, ±10%, 50HZ
2. Ambient Temperature: -20~+60℃
3. Relative Humidity:《=95%(+25℃)
4. Rotation Angle: 0-90°±10°
5. Control Signal: on/off type for 100mS; 4—20mA modulating type
6. Dead Zone: 0.5%-9% adjustable(modulating type)
7. Motor Working Type: S2 for on/off type; S5 for modulating type
8. Enclosure Rating: IP67-IP68
9. Withstand Voltage: 250VAC, 2A; DC24V, 4A
10. Electric Conduit: 1 for G1/2"; 1 for G3/4"
11. Power Input Spec. Max. 2.5mm2 (4.0mm2 is optional)
12. Signal Wire Specification: Max. 2.5mm2

Performance Specification

Model Torque Power Type Operation Time Power Rated Current
Max. Stem Weight
HB-008 80Nm AC220 /AC380V
30S 25W 0.18A/0.25A F05、F07 Φ18/□17 19KG
HB-012 125Nm 0.18A/0.25A
HB-025 250Nm 50W 0.27A/0.4A F07、F10 Φ28/□22 19KG
HB-050 500Nm 120W 0.38A/0.7A F10、F12 Φ38/□27 21KG
HB-070 700Nm 0.4A/1.1A 21KG
HB-100 1000Nm 300W 1.2A/3.6A F12 Φ42/□36 31KG
HB-200 2000Nm AC220V 60S 300W 3.6A F14 Φ50/□36 56KG
AC380V 30S 420W 1.3A
HB-300 3000Nm AC220V 120S 300W 3.6A F16 Φ80/□55 95KG
AC380V 60S 420W 1.9A
HB-400 4000Nm AC220V 120S 300W 3.6A
AC380V 60S 420W 1.9A
HB-800 8000Nm AC380V 120S 550W 2.5A F25 105KG

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