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Pneumatic Actuator AT Series


Heighten pneumatic actuator combine the technology of new materials, precision machining and industrial design. It has the features of reliable operation, long working life, big adjustable range, good anti-corrosion performance and high cost effective.


1. For AT series pneumatic actuator, we use rack and pinion double piston symmetric design, with the treatment of cast aluminum hard anodizing or cast steel galvanized treatment. It has fast and stable action, high precision, long working life, large output. With the easy operation that changing the piston position, the pneumatic actuator can get reverse rotation.
2. The inner hole and the outside surface of ASTM6005 die-casting aluminum alloy body cylinder body can be hard anodized treatment (in special condition can be anodization with Teflon coating), epoxy resin coating (paint different color according to the requirements), PTFE coating or nickel plating.
3. Based on integrated design, all types of double action and single action pneumatic actuators have the same cylinder body and end cap. The operation type can be easily changed by adding or reducing quantity.
4. Heighten use combined pre-load safe spring group. It can be assembled, added or reduced conveniently and easily during assemble process or in the field use.
5. There are 2 separated adjustable screws at outside of the pneumatic actuator, it can adjust open/close position accurately for the actuators which are already assembled on the valves. If you need to adjust on whole process, 2 long adjustable screws are necessary for the position of 2 end caps.
6. The multi-function position indicator, conform to VID/VIE3845 and NAMUR standard, suitable for all accessories including limit switch box, electric positioner and position sensor.
7. The connector of air supply conform to NAMUR standard, can directly connect NAMUR standard solenoid valve.
8. We use the composite materials for the brush and bearing to decrease the friction and make the working life longer. The material of output shaft is nickel alloy steel, conform to NAMUR, ISO 5211 and DIN 3337 standard.
9. We use stainless steel for all fasteners, it’s corrosion resistant.
10. All connection parts conform to ISO 5211, DIN 3337(F03-F25) standard. It is interchangeable and replaceable.

Operation principle and rotation direction:

Standard: Clockwise as off, counter clockwise as on.

Double action operation principle:

Single action operation principle:

AT series pneumatic actuator parts and material table:

Operation conditions:

Operation medium:
Dry or moist air, no corrosive gas. Impurity particle size less than 30µm
Air pressure:
Operation temperature:
Standard: -20℃ - +80℃
Low: -35℃ - +80℃
High: -15℃ - +150℃
Stroke adjustment:
0°- 90°
indoor or outdoor

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