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Scotch Yoke Pneumatic HP series


Heighten HP series of heavy duty scotch yoke pneumatic actuators is designed for 90°part turn valves. Such as ball valve, butterfly valve, dampers or any device that requires a quarter turn operation for on/off or modulating service.


1. HP 01 series pneumatic actuator is symmetrical design. It has the maximum torque at 2 sides positions which is 0°and 90°, and it has minimum output torque in the middle. So it fits for torque characteristic of ball valve.
2. HP 02 series pneumatic actuator is canted design. It has larger starting torque at 0°position. So it fits for torque characteristic of butterfly valve.

3. Using technology of plating hard chroming, which can ensure longer working life.
4. Pathway gets high-frequency quenching grinding treatment, sliding block is using self-lubricating technology, which can ensure permanent usability.
5. HP series pneumatic actuators come along with a complete line of controls and monitoring accessories including manual hand wheel, hydraulic overrides, limit switch, solenoid valves, positioner and other control accessories.
6. Its modular design and construction provides maximized convenience during installation, maintenance and storage.
7. HP spring return actuator can provide 120,000Nm torque output, and JDP double action pneumatic actuator can provide 240,000Nm torque output. The maximum working pressure is 10 Bar.
8. The size of the valve bottom connecting flange in accordance with ISO 5211 standard.
9. Two independent travel adjustment bolts, can be in the range of +/-6°to regulate valve switch position.


Modular Design:


HP series pneumatic actuator parts and material table:

Operation conditions:

Operation medium:
Dry or moist air, no corrosive gas. Impurity particle size less than 30µm
Operation temperature:
Standard: -20℃ - +80℃
Low: -40℃ - +80℃
High: -20℃ - +150℃
Stroke adjustment:
0°- 90°
indoor or outdoor

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